Another Faceless Name


New Blog under Construction

Please stay tuned for things to come, as well as some launch content to boot. I’ve been out living and traveling, and have stories to share and tell.


Streets Of Beacon

Turned out far better than expected! More to come.  This one was taken with my Droid X I believe, not bad for a phone. Where it’s really noticeable is around the fire escape on the building, where the pixels aren’t small enough. I’ll just have to come back to Acorn Street sometime with my 60D. 18MP, yeah that’ll get the fire escape.

Mondays With Glitch Mob!


The Problem with Bloggin

The Problem with bogging, for me at least, is that this is a Blog that is supposed to kinda showcase what I’m creating and what I find interesting. Now I realize there are so few people who even care, but still to have a successful Blog you must have reliable constant content otherwise, no one – and I use this phrase lightly – will be saying in their minds ‘what’s he got coming out next?!’

Here’s the thing though, I’m  trying to learn so many different things that I don’t really have a lot of time to spend on something like a Blog. The kind of useless activity that does not add to my personal knowledge or skills, so it’s hard for me to set aside time for this type of thing. Plus everytime I get on and post something there is a part of me that says ‘dude stop being a braging dick’. I’m not just talking about blogs here though, I’m looking at you Facebook. When I get onto Facebook I feel like everyone is just talking about themselves calling attention to everything about themselves… It’s very self centered really.

Don’t get me wrong though, I understand. People are creatures that crave attention, most of us at least in some way. Which is why these outlets of expression are great! They give voice to people who would otherwise not be heard. Even for some its a therapeutic solution getting your thoughts out of your head and somewhere else.  So I get it, really I do, I wouldn’t have a Blog otherwise.

But! Who am I to talk, I’m just a college guy that just likes cool stuff that’s writing under a alias, what do I know?

This was more or less just an explanation of why there will be dry spells on this site, from time to time. For the few who share, and follow me, in my vision of cool.

I will be posting a song for Mondays with Glich Mob though! Man I love those guys.

On a side note, Foo Fighters and Deadmau5…. Who ever came up with that idea give him/her a Grammy! Grohl was on fire tonight! Also I am not a big fan of country music, in fact you could say I absolutely detest it at times, but man that Taylor Swift, I could marry her. What a beautiful and seemingly genuine individual – I say seemingly only cause I don’t know her-But I’m sure she’s wonderful.

But Sometimes you do


I’ll be posting the time lapse that this goes with soon – my first one!

Knowledge is Power, and Time is the currency

If only I had more time…

Mondays with Glitch Mob

Something to brighten up Mondays mundane nature.  Parkour, one day I will take gymnastics courses and figure out how to do those crazy jumps….maybe.

Check back every Monday for some Glitch